Published: 1 May 2024
Modified: 2 May 2024
Tricky Trials (Minecraft version

Download Minecraft PE apk free Tricky Trials Update: be among the first to learn about all the innovations and changes in the block space and apply new effects.

Minecraft Tricky Trials

For each user to have maximum development possibility, several updated items have appeared in Minecraft PE Some of them pose a threat to the heroes, while others, on the contrary, will be extremely helpful to them.

Also in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, new sounds have been added that happen when receiving effects. By the way, pieces will not appear around the crafter if he has consumed the contents of the New Bottle. In this version, the developers changed the strength level of the Mace, it became twice as large.

By the way, players will have to explore new versions of paintings that are suitable for decorating any premises or listen to unique Music Discs.

Dangerous Times

The general name of all events that can occur with a player in Minecraft is called Trials, but now they are also Ominous. They arise if the hero has found and consumed the contents of the New Bottle.

After that, this effect will be applied to it, which in this version has some important features:

  1. The duration of the effect in MCPE is 1 hour and 40 minutes;
  2. There are five options available;
  3. After drinking, the bottle breaks;
  4. It is quite rare in the Vault, so only the luckiest crafters can get it.

New Spawner

Every crafter who decides to visit Trial Spawner in Minecraft PE should be ready for more difficult and dangerous challenges. Trial Spawner can become ominous if a crafter who has the Bad Omen effect on himself approaches him.

In this case, in Minecraft version, more dangerous versions of monsters will appear from it, including armed ones. Also, different effects and other challenges will be imposed on the players.

  • What does Ominous Trials in Minecraft PE mean?
    It means that the trials will become more dangerous.
  • What is contained in the Ominous Bottle in MCPE
    A drink that has the effect of Bad Omen.
  • What happens to the player with this effect?
    More dangerous adventures await him.
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