Published: 24 April 2024
Modified: 25 April 2024
Ominous Trials

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Minecraft Ominous Trials

With the advent of new items in Minecraft PE, which are united by the common name Ominous, the adventures of players have become much more dangerous. The fact is that now even the usual spawner will generate more creepy creatures.

Players can also get an effect that not only starts a raid but also calls other aggressive mobs to the place where they receive it. But there are also positive aspects to this because for defeating dangerous creatures, players will receive very worthy rewards.

In this version, the developers have also fixed some sounds that occur when Bad Omen and Raid Omen effects are applied to the player.


For players to have the opportunity to explore the features of all new items and use them in the gameplay, they need to go to the Trial Chamber. By the way, the developers in Minecraft have made the entrance to the underground tunnels less noticeable and it would not be easy to find them.

But this will only happen if the user does not know one important secret. The fact is that the Cartographer who lives in the village has a special map. It will show you the shortest way to your cherished goal.


For the gameplay to be as effective and successful as possible for each player, he needs to know about all the features of the objects that surround him. As noted earlier, all new objects in Minecraft PE have the common name Ominous, but they have different characteristics:

  1. Ominous Bottle – the player gets a bad omen effect if he drinks the liquid from it;
  2. Trial Key is a new version of this item, which can only be obtained by defeating all the monsters from Trial Spawner.
  • What is the Ominous Bottle for?
    To get a new effect.
  • How to use a Mace in MCPE
    To attack from a jump.
  • What are the features of Bogged in Minecraft PE
    It shoots poisoned arrows.
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