18 April 2024
Ominous Trials

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: new challenges await their brave heroes who will face dangers right now.

Minecraft Ominous Trials

The developers pay great attention to the opinions of the crafters of the block space and listen to every review. They also always try to promptly fix any glitches that occur in the game.

Every hero who decides to go to the Trial Chamber should take into account that in Minecraft PE this location is more securely hidden underground. It will also be useful for crafters to know that five new paintings have appeared in the game to decorate the home. They also have Baroque scenes, as well as other interesting landscapes.

In order for the location map to appear in the Cartographer’s assortment in the Trial Chamber, players need to enable the appropriate settings.

Various omens

Every player knows that in the block space, there is such an effect as Bad Omen. It occurs if the hero kills the leader of the robbers. If you enter the village after that, the attack of the villains will begin.

In Minecraft, a new kind of this effect has emerged, which is called Raid Omen:

  1. The duration of the action is 30 seconds;
  2. After this time, the attack will begin in the place where it was received;
  3. to prevent this, crafters need to drink some milk;
  4. Added new activation sounds for all similar events.

Other changes

For those players who decide to explore the Trial Chamber, it will also be helpful to learn about the changes that have occurred in this location. First of all, Minecraft PE Ominous Trial Spawner will show a preview of the item, but only if it is deleted soon.

If crafters in this version can defeat Breeze, they will receive several special objects such as loot. They are used as ranged weapons and can be used against opponents.

  • What spells are available for the Mace in MCPE
    Wind Burst, Breach, Density.
  • How many new paintings are available in Minecraft PE
    Five paintings.
  • How long does the Raid Omen effect last?
    30 seconds.
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