10 April 2024
Ominous Trials (MCPE version

Download Minecraft PE apk free Ominous Trials: explore all the features of new events, items, and mobs, because the gameplay will become even more dangerous in the cubic world.

Minecraft Beta: Ominous Trials

New dangers await the brave heroes in Minecraft version Beta and only the bravest will be able to cope with them. The fact is that now everyone who decides to go to the Trial Chamber will have a hard time.

The fact is that the usual Trial Spawner has now become even stronger and enhanced creatures can appear from it. In addition, Mob Effects may appear around this block, which will make the gameplay very difficult.

In this version, the player can get Raid Omen. Its validity period is 30 seconds and after the end of this time, the raid will begin. To prevent it, it is enough for the player to drink a bucket of milk.

Ominous Events

Because the developers of Minecraft have expanded the functionality of Bad Omen, players will have to face Ominous Events. These are additional features that will make the gameplay even more dangerous.

You can not get an Ominous Omen by killing the Raid Captain. To do this, you need to drink an Ominous Bottle. Players can find her in the Vault on the Trial Chamber grounds.

Ominous Trial Spawner

If it seems to the players that the developers stopped when they created a regular Trial Spawner, then this is not the case at all. The fact is that in Minecraft PE, a new type of this block appears, which is called the Ominous Trial Spawner.

For the interaction with it to be positive for the players, you need to know about its features:

  1. Players who defeat all the mobs that appear from it receive higher rewards;
  2. When active, it glows with a blue light;
  3. Mobs appearing from it have armor;
  4. This is a more challenging experience that will make the player truly a master of battles.
  • How can a player get Trial Omen in Minecraft PE
    If the player drinks a beverage from an Ominous Bottle.
  • What are the features of the Ominous Trial Spawner?
    More challenging tests and valuable rewards.
  • How many mob effects are added in MCPE
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