Published: 20 March 2024
Modified: 21 March 2024
Copper Update

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Minecraft Copper Update

For a very long time, only new mobs or structures appeared in the cubic world, occasionally the developers of Mojang Studios pleased users with the addition of some functional items.

And finally, in Minecraft PE, two types of weapons appear at once, for melee and ranged combat. Each of them has some features that are better studied before you start using them during the battle.

Weapon Capabilities

In the cubic world, many different situations occur with players, which create the overall impression of the gameplay. At the same time, it can be both maximally positive and extremely negative.

But if you use new types of weapons in Minecraft, then most likely the emotions will be the best. In this version, in addition to the already boring sword and axe, the Mace becomes available to players.

This is a very cool item that causes additional damage if used in a jump. Also, now players, except for a bow or crossbow, can hit targets from a distance using Wind Charges.


To reduce the amount of damage received during combat, players use armor. In earlier versions, it was already possible to decorate it with patterns, and in Minecraft PE new templates for blacksmithing were added.

They can be obtained in the Vault. To protect not only yourself but also your pet, the developers suggest that players use Wolf armor. It can be crafted with the help of flaps, which are regularly reset by Armadillo.

More changes

It will be useful for players who install Minecraft to know that the game has the opportunity to tame even those wolves that appeared after entering the /summon command.

Also, the new death screen is no longer experimental and has been fully introduced into the main gameplay.

  • What are Armadillo shields in MCPE used for?
    For crafting Wolf Armor.
  • Where can I get new armor items in Minecraft PE
    In the Vault.
  • What weapons have become available to players?
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