14 March 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: fight with a new kind of Skeletons, they are weaker, but they shoot poisonous arrows.

Minecraft Beta: Copper Update

A lot of interesting meetings await players in Minecraft PE, but also dangers await them at every turn. Especially in the Trial Chamber, where the most unpleasant and evil creatures appear from the updated spawners.
One of them is Breeze, which can attack players with wind charges. The developers also tried to fix some bugs in this version that made the gameplay more stable. Use a new type of melee weapon during the battle. To create a Mace, you need to find a Heavy Core. It can be obtained using the Vault.

There will also be more Trial Chamber options available to players, where Trial Spawners appear more often right in the corridors.


The new treasure block in Minecraft has several unique properties that distinguish it from similar devices, such as chests:

  1. of all the structures in the cubic world, it is the Vault that has the most valuable loot;
  2. To unlock, you will need to use a Trial Key, and an unlimited number of players can do this;
  3. Once the player receives his treasure, he will no longer be able to open this vault again;
  4. The block cannot be moved, and it is also protected from any explosions and cannot be created.


The creature, which looks like a skeleton, but is covered with moss and mushrooms, will now be a danger for those who decide to go to swamps or mangroves.

They can also appear from Trial Spawner. Although Bogged attacks the player in Minecraft PE with poisonous arrows, his health reserve is only 16 units. This is different than that of a normal skeleton.

Now these mobs will attack more slowly, so users have a better chance of survival after encountering one of them.

  • What is the health reserve of Bogged in Minecraft PE
    20 units.
  • What is the difference between Vault and other chests?
    He has the most valuable loot in MCPE
  • How do I open the Vault?
    Using the Trial Key.
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