Published: 6 March 2024
Modified: 8 March 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: experiment with new gameplay features, and explore unique locations right now.

Minecraft Copper Update

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of the developers of Mojang Studios, players in Minecraft PE have a lot of different functions. They will be useful in the future, especially since really big changes have been announced in this version.
It was decided to start with the appearance of another mode in the game, which only the bravest heroes of the cubic world will be able to do. Hardcore mode involves only one life without the possibility of recovery. It will also be a great joy for each player that nine new varieties of wolves will appear in this version at once.

They will spawn even where they have never lived before. To meet them, go on a search right now.


To meet this unusual mob in the vast expanses of the boundless world, players will have to go to the hottest biomes. It is there that the armored beast lives, feeding on the eyes of spiders.

But in fact, this creature in Minecraft is as harmless as possible and is not capable of harming the player or other mobs. Although the spiders are, of course, afraid of him.


As you know, several mobs in the cubic world can be tamed and used as a pets. One of these creatures are wolf, which can accompany the player on his travels. But many players, fearing for the one they tamed, did not take a faithful friend on the road.

Now in Minecraft PE, you can not be afraid for the life of a tamed creature and protect it with special armor:

  1. you can craft it from Armadillo shields, which, by the way, it is repaired;
  2. Use paint to change the color of protective equipment, and make it unique;
  3. The armor has a pretty good safety margin of 64 units.
  • What is Wolf Armor used for in Minecraft PE
    To further protect the pet.
  • What is this equipment made of in MCPE
    From Armadillo shields.
  • What is the strength of the Wolf Armor?
    64 units.
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