Minecraft 1.20.72

Minecraft 1.20.72
Published: 19 March 2024
Modified: 20 March 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.72 apk free Copper Update: experience all the unique properties of the Mace in battle and start a new adventure story in Trial Chamber.

Minecraft 1.20.72: Copper Update

Even experienced players probably do not remember the last time a new weapon appeared in the cubic world. And finally, quite recently, a Wind Charge was added to the game – a ranged weapon that can be obtained after winning the Breeze.

And now, in Minecraft PE 1.20.72, the Mace becomes available to users. It does not look like any object that already exists in the cubic world, besides it has unique combat properties. In addition, there have been many other changes that will also be useful for players to learn about.

New weapons

To get a Mace in Minecraft 1.20.72, you first need to go to the Trial Chamber. There, players need to find a Vault and get a new item called a Heavy Core from it.

But that is not all. After that, the player will also need a Wind Charge, which is a drop with Breeze. From these two items, the Mace is created. Its main properties are:

  1. the ability to attack enemies from a height;
  2. at the same time, the player will not receive damage from falling;
  3. Everyone who is in the vicinity will be discarded.

Experimental functions

As you know, developers often introduce various functions, but leave them in Experimental mode for a while to keep a good track of everything. So in Minecraft PE 1.20.72, 3 types of Clay fragments were added, which can be found in the Trial Chamber. By the way, there are new Armor Trims.

Developers are constantly trying to develop a wide variety of aspects of the cubic world. At the same time, they do not forget about correcting various errors that are revealed in the process.

In this version, they managed to eliminate some of them. Also, an update related to fixing stability issues is currently available on almost all platforms.

  • What items are needed to create a Mace in Minecraft PE 1.20.72?
    A Heavy Core and a Wind Charge.
  • Where can I get a Heavy Core in MCPE 1.20.72?
    In the Vault.
  • How does the Breeze Rod appear?
    Falls out of the Breeze.
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