Published: 22 February 2024
Modified: 23 February 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Use a wind charge to knock down your victims with one blow.

Minecraft Copper Update

Every Cube World user studies every update of their favorite game with great interest, and this time there are quite a lot of changes. In Minecraft PE, it is now possible to use new weapons for ranged combat.

Also, from this version, players will have one more opponent. By the way, there have been some technical changes in the game that will allow everyone to show their abilities in real-game situations.

The inhabitants of the swamps

Until recently, the swamps and mangroves were quite calm and even boring. This place was inhabited mainly by frogs and players went to these biomes only to get local wood.

Now this place is becoming more interesting because there is a new opponent in it. Bogged in Minecraft is a skeleton, but since it lives in a humid climate, it is all covered with moss and mushrooms:

  1. He is armed with poisonous arrows;
  2. After defeating him, the players receive them as a drop;
  3. Can spawn from Trial Spawner;
  4. The health level is 16 units, which is 4 units less than that of the Skeleton.

Dangerous wind

Now not only Breeze can use the wind to knock down his victims, but also the players themselves. Moreover, such wind charges throw off opponents 10 percent stronger than that of this monster.

This new ranged weapon in Minecraft PE is a real breakthrough in the battle process and can greatly help every player.

Other changes

In addition to the creatures and blocks that have already appeared in Minecraft, the developers have also fixed some bugs and crashes to make the gameplay as interesting and productive as possible.

And Playstation owners will be pleased with the opportunity to be the first to get acquainted with the latest and best features of the cubic world, which will be available soon.

  • What is a Wind Charge in Minecraft PE
    This is a new ranged weapon.
  • How long does it take to recharge the Wind charge in MCPE
    0.5 seconds when throwing.
  • How much stronger is this attack than Breeze has?
    By 10 percent.
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