7 February 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: continue the story of exciting adventures, exploring the underground location and its inhabitants.

Minecraft Copper Update

With each update in Minecraft PE, there are more and more interesting innovations that players should familiarize themselves with in advance. This will directly affect how the gameplay will be and how successful the search will be.

There are many options to explore in this version. The developers also report that they have made several dozen changes and fixes. This made it possible to achieve the most stable and productive process.


Due to its neutral behavior, this mob has become very interesting for a large number of players to study. Especially for those who have no combat experience or avoid fighting monsters.

When danger is detected nearby, the Armadillo twists and stays in this position for 3 seconds. If the threat has passed, it will turn around and the player in Minecraft will be able to interact with it.

Also, these good-natured creatures have received a new deployment animation, they will randomly lookout to assess the situation. Now the time spent in the collapsed form has been increased to 4 seconds.

Armadillo flaps

In the course of his life, Armadillo drops the protective shields that cover his entire back. Players can not wait for the mob to do it themselves and apply a Brush to it.

These items are used in Minecraft PE to craft armor. But it is not used for the player but for the tamed wolf.

Wolf Armor

Players can protect their pets from possible threats while moving around the territory of Minecraft, including with the help of Wolf Armor. Only the owner of the animal can put it on or take it off.

Its protective properties are similar to Diamond armor for horses.

  • What are Armadillo shields for in Minecraft PE
    To create armor for a pet.
  • How to remove wolf armor in MCPE
    Using scissors.
  • Where can players meet Armadillo?
    In the savannah.
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