18 January 2024
Copper Update (Minecraft Version

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Find Armadillo, and apply his plates to craft protection for your pet.

Minecraft Copper Update

Going in search of new experiences in Minecraft PE, crafters can be fully confident that an unforgettable adventure awaits them. In this version, they can not only meet dangerous creatures but also replenish stocks of valuable resources, as well as get to know a very cute creature.

Thanks to the continuous work of creators in the cubic world, with each update, there are fewer failures, and discoveries are already waiting for their heroes.


Players have already fully appreciated the capabilities of such friendly creatures as Allay, Camel, and Sniffer. All of them are useful in their way of gameplay and are not capable of harming anyone around them.

Armadillo appeared in the ranks of these mobs in Minecraft and it also has its unique properties. The back of this animal is covered with durable plates that protect it from enemy attacks. In the course of his life, he often discards some of them.

Crafters can use these shields to craft armor. But not for yourself, but for your pet. For example, now a tamed wolf can be protected from enemies and safely travel through the territory with a loyal friend. And players will be able to take their pet on any trip.

Trial Chamber

Users were looking forward to the appearance of this location in Minecraft PE And all because you can find a lot of interesting and unusual things in it. First of all, these are tuff and other blocks, which can be widely used in gameplay.

Secondly, the dark corridors are fraught with many dangerous creatures, fighting which players will receive excellent rewards. Therefore, it is worth arming yourself well and boldly going to explore new territories.

  • What new structure has appeared in Minecraft PE
    Trial Chamber.
  • What is dangerous for Trial Spawner players?
    He creates monsters.
  • How does Breeze in MCPE attack players?
    With wind charges.
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