Published: 10 January 2024
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: Explore new territories and meet amazing and sometimes dangerous creatures on your way.

Minecraft Copper Update

Developers are diligently adding to Minecraft PE not only new features, biomes, and blocks, but also a variety of mobs. The most recent in the game at the moment are Armadillo and Breeze. And if the first one is safe, then the second one poses a real threat to everyone who gets in his way.

Also, various tuff and copper blocks and objects made from them, such as doors, hatches, and grates, became available to players in this version. Explore all the possibilities right now and start a new adventure story.

Trial Spawner

A new version of the spawner became available to users in Minecraft This interesting block, like its previous version, creates mobs, but their number depends on how many players are nearby.

You can find him in the Trial Chamber, and if you defeat all the monsters he spawned, the heroes will receive an excellent reward.  Also in this version, if the player approaches the device less than 2 seconds before the start of the spawn, the process will be postponed for a similar amount of time. Keep this in mind during the game.


Not only do the dangers await researchers in the vastness of the Trial Chamber in Minecraft PE, but in these dark corridors, you can notice a very unusual design of the walls and floor. The entire space consists of both blocks of copper and tuff.

By the way, the copper bulb has not only decorative but also practical applications. The fact is that they can perfectly illuminate the surrounding space. But this will require combining them with red dust.


Visiting these dark corridors, players will meet a new opponent in Minecraft His attacks are fast as the wind, so you should always be fully prepared to repel them.

  • Where can I find Breeze in Minecraft PE
    In Trial Chambers.
  • Which mob drops its armor in MCPE
  • What is Crafter for?
    To automate the process of creating things.
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