6 December 2023
Copper Update

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: use Crafter to create new items, with its help this process will become very fast.

Minecraft Copper Update

Many different changes have occurred in Minecraft PE Among them, players can highlight the updated bat model, the modified How to Play screen, as well as new features for using the Decorated Pot.

Now you can store one stack of items in these beautiful vessels, which has been increased to 64 units. To get them, it will have to be broken. This can be done with the help of projectiles.

By the way, the developers have fixed the appearance of Breeze particles and textures. Copper doors and hatches have now also received new textures and some technical issues have been fixed for them. Now the number of failures in the cubic world will decrease significantly.

New block

In Minecraft, crafters are invited to create a new block to be able to craft items in the future. This will require red dust, a workbench, a Dropper, and iron ingots.

After creating a Crafter, it will be possible to connect a Distributor or an Ejector to it, which will distribute items evenly across all slots. This block has an explosion resistance, and during the creation of objects, you will be able to see particles.

Even more copper

One of the most important discoveries in Minecraft PE is, of course, copper. This material was available to players before but did not have such a wide application and a variety of appearance options.

Now, players can decorate a room or building with beautiful Copper Grates that let in light but do not conduct Red dust. You can illuminate the space with the help of special reflective blocks made of this resource. Hatches and doors with similar textures are also available to crafters.

  • How many types of tuff blocks are there in Minecraft PE
    At the moment there are three.
  • How many blocks of Copper in MCPE
    5 options.
  • How to clean the copper block?
    With an axe.
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