29 November 2023
Copper Update (Minecraft Version

Download Minecraft PE apk free Copper Update: visit a new structure in which players are waiting for dangerous traps, mobs, and a variety of treasures.

Minecraft Copper Update

To the great joy of every Minecraft PE user, the developers did not delay the release of previously announced updates for a long time and added them almost in full to this version.

Thus, everyone has a chance to try themselves in a battle with a new mob, evaluate the work of Trial Spawner, and even get a good reward. A lot of unusual things will be seen by players in this place, but absolutely, this adventure will be remembered for a long time.

The developers in this version have not forgotten about the updates in the most popular material at the moment – copper. From now on, the grilles that are made of it are allowed to be filled with water. But rubbing them with wax will not turn them into waxed. It is also worth noting that in a stone cutter from Cut Copper, you can get a Chiseled version.


To see this dangerous mob players will need to recover in a new structure, which is called a Trial Chamber. It is located in Overworld and consists entirely of copper and tuff blocks.

The monster itself is known for attacking players with the force of the wind and thereby blowing them off, knocking them down. In Minecraft, he also can open doors, activate mechanisms, and press buttons.

Trial Spawner

Breeze will appear in Minecraft PE maybe from a unique Trial Spawner block. It is a bit similar in appearance and properties to the already familiar hero Spawner mobs, but it also has some unique features.

For example, the number of creatures appearing from it is proportional to how many players are nearby. It is also worth noting that after defeating the villains, the heroes will receive a rather valuable reward. So it is worth trying for this.

But not only a flying monster can spawn from it. Skeletons, zombies, spiders, and others may appear, among others. It takes 30 minutes for the device to recharge and it will be ready to create dangerous creatures again.

  • How does Breeze un MCPE attack players?
    With wind charges.
  • What new structure has appeared in Minecraft PE
    Trial Chamber.
  • What is dangerous for Trial Spawner players?
    He creates monsters.
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