Jungle City Map for Minecraft PE

Jungle City Map for Minecraft PE
Published: 15 February 2023
Category: City
Beautiful nature and unique buildings

Download Jungle City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit unusual locations where nature harmoniously combines with all kinds of buildings and structures.

Jungle City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: a unique combination of nature and progress

As you know, in Minecraft PE, players are surrounded by a natural landscape most of the time. The authors of Jungle City Map decided not to break traditions and tried to combine the atmosphere of the city with natural territories as harmoniously as possible.


The author of this add-on for Jungle City Map was inspired by real cities that are located in China. It is worth noting that he perfectly managed to harmoniously place many different buildings, skyscrapers, and other industrial elements with natural objects on the territory.

On the territory of Xiconglin, players will be able to visit the railway station, the airport, and many other buildings and modern styles. There are a large number of trees, flowers, and other plants everywhere. Minecraft PE players will notice that the entire location is buried in greenery.

This is a very large-scale metropolis, which has several different districts, streets, and avenues. It is also recommended to visit the pagoda and the museum of terracotta warriors.


This time, players will find themselves in a small settlement that was built right in the middle of an impenetrable jungle. Many tall trees are growing here and very little free land. Therefore, most of the houses are located directly on the branches, some are high enough and are connected by bridges.

The authors of Jungle City Map also took care of the interior of unusual dwellings. Inside which there is everything necessary for a comfortable existence. By the way, you can engage in agriculture or breed animals. Minecraft Bedrock players will certainly appreciate such a wonderful location.

  • Which buildings can players visit on the Jungle City Map?
    The most diverse from small houses to skyscrapers.
  • Is it possible to use this map in multiplayer mode?
    Yes, it is possible.
  • Is the map suitable for survival mode?
    Yes, it fits.
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Download Jungle City Map for Minecraft PE

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