Japan City Map for Minecraft PE

Japan City Map for Minecraft PE
13 February 2023
Category: City
A mystical and mysterious place in the Asian style

Download Japan City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit one of the most mysterious and technological countries in the world, discover its secrets, and have fun.

Japan City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: the beauty of antiquity and modern technology

The Land of the Rising Sun, as Japan is commonly called, has a very long and interesting history. A great love for nature is reflected not only in local folklore but also in art in general.

Architecture deserves special attention. Buildings in the old style are distinguished by great attention to detail and the beauty of the Asian style. The authors of Japan City Map decided to combine all this and created truly unique updates.

On the territory of Minecraft Bedrock players will discover all the uniqueness and incredible atmosphere of this country.

7 Towers

This location is a fictional location where players will be able to visit incredible Asian-style buildings. It is worth noting that the territory is amazing from the first minutes.

To enhance the fantastic atmosphere of this place, the authors have changed the graphics and lighting, making the colors brighter and more pleasant. Now everything looks like the plot of some fabulous story.

Each building has unique elements that Minecraft PE players will want to consider again and again. Here you can see pagodas and powerful dragons, as well as a lot of mysterious and mystical things.


This time, the authors of Japan City Map have created a more modern version of the metropolis with many skyscrapers and avenues. Minecraft PE players can explore the territory both alone and with friends, in any case, such an adventure will be remembered for a long time.

Here you can feel like an anime hero and completely forget that the player is in a cubic world. Create your adventures right now and have a fun and unusual time.

  • In what style are the buildings on the Japan City Map made?
    In the Asian style.
  • Is this map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it fits.
  • Can players go inside buildings?
    Yes, there are a lot of interesting things waiting inside.
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Download Japan City Map for Minecraft PE

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