HD Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

HD Texture Pack for Minecraft PE
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Download HD Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: appreciate the improved realism and updated appearance of mobs, blocks, and all objects around the player.

What is new in HD Texture Pack?

Varied the original appearance of the block space and not just adding unique elements, but transforming all its components will help players to upgrade from the HD Texture Pack assembly.  It is worth noting that it is quite difficult to achieve such results. And that is why these options are highly appreciated among users of Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The developers this time combined the improved appearance of blocks and objects with shaders to create a unique picture and a unique atmosphere on the playing field.


The authors of this HD Texture Pack supplement paid special attention to creating the most realistic picture of the surrounding space. They drew every blade of grass and pattern on the trunks of trees.

This gives Minecraft PE incredible realism and proximity to reality. Nothing like this can be seen in the standard version of the game.


This time the transformations affected not only nature, trees, and animals, but also the game console. The quick access toolbar and buttons that the user sees on the Minecraft PE screen have a beautiful appearance and clearer borders.

Thus, the HD Texture Pack allows players not only to change the environment but also to make some technical changes.


This HD Texture Pack update is made in Japanese style. It combines the most modern possibilities in graphics and design with the beauty of nature and restraint. This is what distinguishes the inhabitants of the land of the Rising Sun.

Minecraft PE users can estimate right now how thoroughly each element of blocks and objects has been worked out. Immerse yourself in an absolutely incredible and amazing world.

  • How to apply Texture Packs in Minecraft PE?
    Download and click Resource Packs.
  • How to install it in Minecraft PE?
    The file is in .mcpack extension, so just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • How to use Texture Packs?
    Just download and select them when downloading.
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Download HD Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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