Futuristic City Map for Minecraft PE

Futuristic City Map for Minecraft PE
8 February 2023
Category: City
An ultra-modern view of architecture

Download Futuristic City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: visit an incredible territory and walk through unique buildings in an ultramodern style.

Futuristic City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: megapolis of the future

The Minecraft PE world has a fairly typical structure and style. All buildings are similar to each other, except for some details. On the other hand, the territory represented on the Futuristic City Map is not limited by any framework and canons.

The fact is that it is a megacity of the future, and it is impossible to predict what architecture will look like in a few decades. The authors can only fantasize about this topic and create such amazing buildings that they will amaze with their uniqueness and beauty.

Avrin City

All fans of industrial themes just need to visit this Futuristic City Map location. The fact is that there is an infinite variety of skyscrapers on its territory. They are usually made of glass, behind which you can even see the locals. Steve will not be bored exploring this metropolis of the future.

Players can even add their own structures to the site if desired. Embark on an exploration of office and entertainment buildings in Minecraft PE of the most bizarre shapes.


Players can enjoy the unique architecture and thoughtfulness of every detail with this update for the Futuristic City Map. On the territory of the megalopolis, high-rise buildings made in an ultra-modern style prevail.

The author has not yet provided any entertainment facilities, but even without them, this location looks quite impressive. The whole area is surrounded by water and the creator may have been inspired by the aesthetics of New York.

In any case, Minecraft Bedrock has not yet had such structures and, in principle, it will be interesting for any user to walk around such a fantastic place.

  • In what style are the buildings of the Futuristic City Map built?
    In an ultramodern style.
  • What buildings will the player see?
    Basically, these are skyscrapers of the most incredible shapes.
  • Is this map suitable for a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it fits.
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Download Futuristic City Map for Minecraft PE

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