Future City Map for Minecraft PE

Future City Map for Minecraft PE
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Find out what megacities will look like in many years

Download Future City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: imagine what megacities might look like in a few decades.

Future City Map for Minecraft Bedrock: a unique area with interesting buildings

The authors of these updates offer Minecraft PE players the to fantasize about how buildings might look in the distant future. The territory of the Future City Map is usually dominated by skyscrapers of various shapes and sizes.

Some of them will even be higher than the clouds. Invite your friends to have fun and have fun.

Tomorrow Land

This location will surprise even the most experienced Minecraft PE users. The entire territory is filled with large-scale structures, skyscrapers, and other attributes of a real metropolis. This is a great chance to imagine what cities will look like in a few decades.

The authors of the Future City Map took care not only of the beautiful architecture but also of the interior of the buildings. Looking through the window of any building, you can see how the space around is unusually arranged, as well as find items useful for survival.


A very unusual location was created by the authors of this add-on for the Future City Map. The fact is that all the buildings are combined and thus form a single structure in the style of the future.

Players will be amazed by the scale of these structures because some of them are even higher than clouds. Nothing like this has ever happened before in the Minecraft Bedrock world.


This time, the authors did not create high-rise buildings as on the previous map, but at the same time, you can also find a lot of interesting things in them. Future City Map is a futuristic crypto city.

Inside the buildings, Minecraft PE heroes will find chests with various useful loot. For example, you can find armor, weapons, or materials for mastery. All this will be useful in further travels. Get the opportunity to spend time in a space filled with ideas for future years.

  • Which buildings prevail on the Future City Map?
    Mostly skyscrapers.
  • Is it possible to go inside the buildings?
    Yes, you can find loot chests inside.
  • Is this map suitable for survival mode?
    Yes, you can use this mode.
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Download Future City Map for Minecraft PE

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