Deep Dark City Map for Minecraft PE

Deep Dark City Map for Minecraft PE
6 February 2023
Category: City

Download Deep Dark City Map for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: explore ancient corridors, and ancient palaces and try to find all the treasures hidden here.

What is new in the Deep Dark City Map?

As you know, in Minecraft PE, the location, which is also called Ancient City, is located deep underground. Travelers will have to work hard to find her in the endless world.

Thanks to the Deep Dark City Map, the heroes almost immediately enter the territory of abandoned ruins. By the way, the creators of the update were so caring that they provided reliable armor in which the player appears on the map.

In addition, he will have a sword and other useful items in the quick-access slots.

Where to start?

The first room in which a Minecraft PE player appears after installing Deep Dark City Map is made of stone covered with ivy. Everywhere he will be surrounded by bookshelves. It is recommended to take a good look around because the authors could hide something interesting here.

You will notice an inscription on the wall. She informs that the one who goes down will never come back. It is here, on the floor, that there is a hatch that leads to a mysterious location.


The whole territory of the Deep Dark City Map looks quite gloomy and mysterious. There will be dilapidated palaces everywhere, and the surface is covered with Sculk blocks. Be careful, because some of them impose the effect of darkness on the hero.

After that, for a few seconds, the Minecraft Bedrock hero will be extremely vulnerable to enemy attacks. It is worth noting that at this location, players will find an incredible variety of chests in which treasures are stored.


But it will not be easy to get valuables, because incredible monsters of Deep Dark City Map will be walking around everywhere. As you know, Warden is the most dangerous opponent in Minecraft PE. Even two attacks are enough for him to destroy a well-equipped opponent.

Players should keep this in mind when going on a dangerous adventure.

  • Where to find Deep Dark city in Minecraft PE?
    You need to enter the command /locate biome minecraft:deep_dark.
  • Where to find the Ancient City in Minecraft PE?
    Go to the Deep Dark biome.
  • How to find End City in Minecraft PE?
    Enter the command "/locate end city" and it will show the location.
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Download Deep Dark City Map for Minecraft PE

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