Chisel and Bits Mod for Minecraft PE

Chisel and Bits Mod for Minecraft PE
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More options for editing blocks

Download Chisel and Bits Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: use the new item to create more aesthetic blocks and improve their appearance.

Chisel and Bits Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: convenience and simplicity

For players not lose interest in construction and decoration, the authors create all kinds of additions. This time Chisel and Bits Mod offer to evaluate the possibilities of a unique object – a stonecutter.

With it, you can create unique patterns and ornaments on a variety of blocks in Minecraft Bedrock. There are already about 2000 options, each of which looks just amazing.


Extremely simple interaction mechanics will allow each Minecraft PE user to master the management of the new mechanism in the shortest possible time and start using it.

First, install the Chisel block on the surface, and then place the necessary block for conversion into it. After that, repeat the procedure the required number of times. No complicated manipulations and the need to memorize crafting recipes in Chisel and Bits Mod are required.

Use cases

As for the options for using ready-made blocks in Chisel and Bits Mod, they are almost limitless. Use them in construction, decoration, and generally wherever it will be necessary.

Now Minecraft PE players have unlimited opportunities that will allow them to realize any ideas and ideas. Create beautiful designs of all sizes and shapes, with amazing patterns and ornaments applied to them.

New resources

By the way, by exploring the territory players will also be able to find new valuable resources. There are only 3 of them: limestone in swampy areas, marble in the mountains, and basalt below level 20. Try to find each of them to complement the buildings with unusual decorations.

Chisel and Bits Mod provides players with advanced features that will inspire the heroes to new ideas.

  • What features does Chisel and Bits Mod provide for players?
    Creating beautiful blocks for decoration.
  • How many new blocks have been added?
    About 2000.
  • How can players create a pattern on blocks?
    With Chisel.
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Download Chisel and Bits Mod for Minecraft PE

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