Anvil Mod for Minecraft PE

Anvil Mod for Minecraft PE
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New variants of familiar items

Download Anvil Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: use new types of these useful devices, repair weapons and create unusual options.

Anvil Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unique repair opportunities

Using this device is a rather time-consuming and expensive process. But at the same time, successful progress in Minecraft PE is impossible without it. Therefore, the authors of Anvil Mod offer to evaluate the possibilities of updated items that will help players in this matter.

In total, the addition includes 3 variants of anvils made of cobblestone, gold, or diamond. Each of them has unique properties that will certainly be useful to players.

More Anvils

The main feature of the new devices that this update adds to Minecraft Bedrock is the presence of unique properties. That is, after installing Anvil Mod, it will be possible not only to repair weapons but also to create other useful items.

In total, there will be 3 types of anvils, each of which will be extremely useful to players:

  • from the cobblestone – repair any items, including elites and shields without spending experience points. But players should keep in mind that the enchantment of items will be lost.;
  • made of gold – in addition to the main function, it is also suitable for creating alloys. For example, lapis lazuli and Redstone will make a Redstone alloy. Heroes can experiment and combine different compositions;
  • made of the diamond – you will need it to create a unique Netherite sword.

New Swords

After receiving a gold alloy, players can create a sword from it. And you can do it as usual in Minecraft PE on the workbench. Its strength will be 350 units, and the damage inflicted will be equal to 6.5.

Another item that will become available after installing Anvil Mod is called Netherite. Its damage is 8, and its durability is unique and amounts to 2401 units.

  • How many varieties of anvils will appear in the game?
    3 options.
  • Which swords will be available to create in Anvil Mod?
    Gold and Netherite.
  • What is the strength of the Netherite Sword?
    2401 units.
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