Allay Mod for Minecraft PE

Allay Mod for Minecraft PE
8 February 2023
Category: Custom
A small and very nimble assistant

Download Allay Mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition: learn about the possibilities of a unique inhabitant of the blocky world and get to know this cute creature sooner.

Allay Mod for Minecraft Bedrock: unusual and useful

As you know, this little flying assistant won one of the Minecraft Live votes. He became a favorite among users at first sight due to his charming appearance and extremely useful properties.

The authors of Allay Mod decided not to wait for the official appearance of a new mob in the game and create it themselves. Now you can not only get acquainted with the new inhabitant of Minecraft PE but also try to tame him. In this case, the pet will follow its owner everywhere, bring him various blocks, and dance.

Allay Concept

The main enemy for Allay will be Vex, it will be necessary to catch him in a bottle to be able to summon a small flying assistant. Of course, this item will appear in the Inventory of the Creative Mode without these manipulations.

For the mob to become a full-fledged pet, it will need to be tamed. Just feed him cookies for this. The functionality of this creature is quite unusual for Minecraft PE, it collects various items and relates them to the Note Block. He can also dance.

The authors of Allay Mod have created a truly full-fledged participant in the gameplay, which will be useful to the heroes in their travels. It will be the most unforgettable adventure.


The author of this update for Allay Mod decided to add variety to the appearance of the flying creature. Now there will be 7 different options, each of which at the same time has standard properties and mechanics of mob behavior.

Such changes will be a great opportunity to diversify the gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock and try something new. Choose a pet of your favorite color to have fun with and usefully spend playing time.

  • How many new colors will appear thanks to Allay Mod?
    7 colors.
  • How can I tame Allay?
    With the help of cookies.
  • Which mob does Allay avoid?
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Download Allay Mod for Minecraft PE

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